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Campaign to Legalise Segway Personal Transporters in the UK

Have you noticed how the roads in our towns and city centres are becoming more and more congested? More and more cars are being used to make an increasing number of journeys on a relatively fixed number of roads. The result: jams, fumes, noise and road rage. Petrol and diesel prices are at their highest - and they're only going to get higher.

Electric cars are increasing in popularity and are indeed greener than petrol or diesel fuel cars - but they are still cars. Electric cars do not solve any of our congestion problems.

Enter the Segway Personal Transporter (PT); an invention to help change the way we think about personal transportation. In the past we had the car, the bicycle, public transport and walking. These options still exist but we now have another. Check out for more details.

The Segway PT can carry an individual up to 24 miles in a safe and efficient manner. They can operate within our existing infrastructure because they are built to operate anywhere a person can safely walk or anywhere a bicycle can ride - they just blend in. With a Segway PT, you can now move further and more quickly than walking, even if you find it difficult to walk; As long as you can stand and lean, you can operate a Segway PT. The barriers that made you choose your car instead of a stroll are no longer an issue. You can glide to your destination smoothly and safely amongst pedestrians and within built-up areas - reaching and passing-thru places you simply couldn’t on a bicycle.

With no parking to worry about and not a bead of sweat in sight, you’ll arrive refreshed, alert and most likely smiling because you actually enjoyed the trip. You will be ready for action – no shower or change of clothing required!

In countries all over the world this is a reality - people have this option every single day. However, in the UK, we are unable to legally enjoy this particular mode of transportation. We have to drive, walk, cycle or use public transport. Unfortunately, most people choose to drive. Rush hour traffic anyone?

The Highway Act of 1835 renders the Segway PT illegal in the UK for use on pavements. They cannot be used where bicycles can because they do not have pedals and or meet regulations designed for electric bicycles.  They cannot be used on the road as a motor vehicle because they do not meet any kind of permitted type approval in the UK. According to the Highways Regulations 1988, they cannot even be classed as an 'invalid carriage' because they are too fast and not purposely designed to be an invalid carriage.  So the only place they CAN be used is on private property (and only with the land owner's permission)!